Why Snapita?

Is Snapita for you?

Ever wondered what to do with that empty wall behind the dining table, or the one along the stairs. It seems so empty. You could put some photographs up there. They add a homely touch to the house.

But how to do it?

  • You could hire an interior designer, who would then hire a frame vendor, a printer, a carpenter, a photographer who will hire someone to retouch the photographs.
  • This would take a lot of searching, months of planning, and of course, money.
  • Now if you can do all of this in half that time, fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your home, wouldn’t you want to know how?
  • This is what Snapita offers you. And much more.

How is Snapita different?

Your house might be beautiful. With brick stones and French windows and a garden. Or bougainvilleas and wooden doors. But your home is where your memories live. Where you feel safe and warm. With our beautiful photo-walls, tailor-made as per your specifications and needs, create a haven to call home.

Key features that make Snapita truly one of a kind

1. A large handpicked selection of frames:

  • Snapita offers a wide range of frames to choose from which you won’t get at a local vendor.
  • Variety of styles, colours, patterns, dimensions etc. for every budget.
  • Snapita offers industry standard dimensions.

2. Print Quality:

  • We believe the splendour of the photographs truly comes out in the best print quality.
  • And to ensure that, we use Inkjet printers(Epson 9900) instead of laser printers like most.
  • Albeit a little slow compared to their competitor the fast Laserjet, Inkjet printer or the fine art printer produces best quality prints available in the market. And we serve to please.

3. Print Medium:

  • To get the quality print, you not only need the best printer but also the best kind of medium.
  • Snapita brings to you a range of paper and canvas that are made especially for this purpose.
  • They absorb and hold every drop of colour to give you brilliant results that lasts for life without lasting your life savings.
  • And we help you choose the medium that is just right for your need. And your budget.

4. Photo Editing:

  • At Snapita, we have a dedicated team to enhance user uploaded pictures before printing.
  • Our qualified photo editors will touch for minor improvements, if any, without setting off the theme or quality of the image.

5. Assembling:

  • Snapita boasts of an outstanding assembling team who put all elements together and create the photo frames to your exact specifications.
  • They use cutting edge tools and quality stationeries to assemble them.
  • All frames are tried and tested before each delivery to make sure that each frame that bears our mark is the best the market has to offer.

6. Snapita Studio:

Snapita is a one of its kind concept that has revolutionised the art of creating photo walls. It is a virtual platform that brings you a whole new way to re-imagine what all you could do with digital photographs and an empty wall. With its state of art visualisation and above par photo frames, you can design your own wall in a way that is both effortless and hassle-free.

7. Hanging solutions:

Snapita believes in minimal to no damage to your walls. So we have decided to solve photo frame hanging solutions from conventional nail and hammer to hook and loop fasteners or popularly known as Velcro stickers. Using this solution you are not damaging your wall. Let your walls smile when they speak.

Snapita strive to provide easier, efficient and minimal damage hanging solutions to its customers. We know how painful it is to hammer nails into the wall besides the damage they cause. We tested hook & loop fasteners, succeeded and were rejoiced to make them avail to you to hang our picture frames. Hook and loop fasteners are kind of tapes whose two sides adhere to each other, with one having rough hooks and the other soft, fuzzy material. This solution ensures virtually minimal to no damage to your walls. Let your walls smile when they speak.

Snapita also provide saw tooth hooks with the package to hang pictures using nails.

  • At Snapita, we aim to enhance the beauty of your wall, not ruin it. Thus we have come up with a creative solution to hanging a frame.
  • Behold the hook and loop fasteners and Velcro stickers.
  • Easy to install and virtually minimal to no damage to the wall.

Few Points to note :

1. The hanging solution with velcro is not adviced for walls with weaker putty and distempered walls. Please opt in for hanging solution only when you are sure about the built quality of the wall with premium putty and paint.

2. We will sincerely not recommend Velcro hanging over and above the size of 8"x12" frames.

8. Package and delivery:

  • You don’t have to visit or wait at your local vendor anymore to collect your ordered picture frames.
  • Snapita packaging team ensures everything is in place before they process delivery.
  • Each frame is individually wrapped in a protective packaging shell, which is then placed inside of an outer shipping box.
  • This method ensures greatest protection to new frames.
  • And we pride ourselves on using renewable resources as much as possible.

9. Hire a photographer:

  • For the times when you wish you have photographs on a particular theme or have latest photos, we have a solution.
  • You can hire our photography service simply by calling us and booking a date and a venue. However, this service is currently available only in selected cities.

Is Snapita the best choice for me?

If you are fond of finer things in life, if you appreciate beauty and value it, if you have a creative bone in your body and wish to explore it, then Snapita is the way to go for you.

How much is it going to cost me?

Quality comes at a price. It also comes with the assurance that what you are getting is above par to what others have to offer. It also comes with a promise of authenticity and good workmanship. It also comes with the hope of creating a relationship of trust and reliance. Though the prices offered are still nothing compared to hiring your own decorator and his/her army of minions, it comes with the guarantee that the product you have chosen has been made with utmost care and highest standard of workmanship.

As simple as that. What are you waiting for?

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